The Forum GOVERNAi is a framework for collaboration between CIVICAi, its Social Council, and public administrations with the goal that action plans from all governments on AI include citizen participation, in accordance with Law 19/2014, of December 29 (DOGC no. 6780, 12/31/2014), on transparency, access to public information, and good governance.

To this end, the collaborative work to be carried out at GOVERNAi will include, among others, the following actions:

• Organize citizen participation in AI action plans developed and deployed by public administrations.

• Collaborate in the design and implementation of pilot projects that integrate AI solutions into municipal services for citizens.

• Provide public administrations with the work carried out by the CIVICAi divisions, especially those developed by the Government and Administration Division, referring, for example, to AI ordinance models, with recommendations for their implementation in a public administration.

• Promote citizen participation in AI projects, through discussion forums, public consultations, and working groups to make it more effective and increase its impact.

• Collaborate in the creation of informational materials, in providing training, and in the design of resources for citizens and administration staff on AI.


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