The Association CIVICAi is composed of members, natural persons who are of legal age and have a voluntary and free interest in its objectives. The members form the General Assembly, which is the sovereign body of the association. On March 30, 2023, the members constituted themselves as the Constituent General Assembly and agreed on the structure and governance of CIVICAi cat illustrated in the following diagram:


The Board of Directors governs, administers, and represents the association. This collegiate body is composed of:

o President: Manel Sanromà
o General Secretary: Dolors Setó
o Treasurer: Jaume Batlle

o Board member: Àlex Arenas

o Board member: Clara Brull

o Board member: Eudald Carbonell

o Board member: Josep Casanovas

o Board member: Arnau Gàllego

o Board member: Anna Gispert

o Board member: Eduard Salvador

o Director of Education and Training Division: Miquel Àngel Prats
o Director of Business and Talent Division: Oriol Mascareñas
o Director of Ethics and Rights Division: César Rosales
o Director of Government and Administration Division: Jordi Masias
o Director of Innovation Division: Chelo Fernández
o Director of Community Health and Welfare Division: Alicia Cañellas
o Director of Universities and Research Division: Dolors Puigjaner

o Director of Culture and Arts Division: Anna Gispert

o Director of Medicine and Clinical Care: Meritxell Arenas

o Director of Technology and Society Division: Àurea Rodríguez

o Director of Arquitecture and Cities Division: Pending

o Director of Communication and Media Division: Tomàs Cascante

o Director of Editorial Committee: Ramon Palacio

o President of the Social Council: Roger Serra
o Vice President and Deputy Secretary General: Francesc Giralt

The Electoral and Conflict Council organizes and supervises elections and ensures transparency in all internal democratic processes. One of its members will serve as the Association’s ombudsman.

o Ombudsperson of the Association: Gemma Marfany

The Secretariat is responsible for the executive management of the association, by delegation of the Board of Directors, including budget and accounting management, carried out by the Treasurer, and the hiring of employees. Also, it manages all services and bears responsibility to obtain financial support, the right of use of premises or buildings, and the ability to create and support, among others, the Electoral and Conflict Committee, the Social Council, and the Council of Chapters. This collegiate body is composed of the General Secretary, the Deputy Secretary General, and the treasurer, together with volunteers who support the following areas:


o Rosa Siurana



o Ramon Arnó

o Josep Lluís Comas



o Meritxell Alavedra

o Daniel Condeminas

o Joan Francesc Gras

o Loreto Rubio


o Cinta Bellmunt

o Meius Ferrés

o Joan Francesc Gras

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o Maria-Josep Altés

o Jordi Planas



o Pep Masoliver


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