The CIVICAi Association is made up of associates, adults who freely and voluntarily have an interest in its purposes. The associates form the General Assembly, which is the sovereign body of the association. They participate in all its thematic activities through divisions or areas of work that the general assembly establishes for different sectors, fields of activity, or knowledge disciplines.

The association is governed by the board of directors, which governs, administers, and represents it. The executive direction and the ordinary management of the association are exercised by the secretariat, by delegation of the board of directors.

Legal entities or non-profit entities that share CIVICAi‘s objectives can participate in its social council and work collegially to make AI accessible to everyone.

The forums GOVERNAi, EMPRESAi, and EXPERTAi facilitate the relationships with public administrations, companies, and experts, and complete the organizational structure so that civil society can participate, along with experts, companies, and governments, in the regulation of the harmonious and ethical deployment of AI.

The structure of CIVICAi is illustrated in the following diagram:


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