The CIVICAi cat Association is born thanks to the impulse of 136 founders who express their willingness to work in association so that artificial intelligence (AI) is for everyone and, therefore, serves people and society in an equitable and responsible manner.


• Promote the responsible use of AI.

• Ensure that AI is developed in a transparent manner.

• Promote research and development of sustainable and responsible AI technologies, considering their social and ethical implications at a local and global level.

• Foster a critical awareness of the social impact of AI.

• Raise awareness among citizens about the challenges and opportunities presented by AI and encourage their participation in its governance.

• Interact with and make proposals to democratic powers to act on the implementation of AI in defense of citizens’ rights and environmental sustainability.


• Responsibility. Foster the responsibility of developers, companies, and institutions in the use of AI to ensure that it is free from abuse and discrimination.

• Transparency. Promote transparency in the creation and use of AI to ensure its safety and privacy.

• Diversity. Promote diversity in the design, development, and use of AI to ensure equitable and non-discriminatory representation towards all human beings.

• Sustainability. Foster sustainability in the development and use of AI to ensure a sustainable future for people and the planet.

• Justice and equity. Promote respect in the use of AI to ensure adaptability to the diversity of terrestrial ecosystems and an equitable distribution of its opportunities and benefits.

• Empowerment. Foster the empowerment of individuals in an increasingly AI-influenced world to ensure that they can make informed and assertive decisions about their lives.


• Build a rigorous and solid theory on the impact of AI in all areas of human activity, in order to make informed and assessed decisions about its use, as well as to promote governance in the use of AI oriented to defend the rights and well-being of citizens and the protection of the planet.

• Establish a process and methodology for document elaboration of the theory, agreements, and protocols that is open and participatory, so that all legislative and executive proposals made to the democratic powers of society are elaborated and agreed upon transparently.

• Organize education, training, and awareness campaigns for citizens on the social impact of AI.

• Establish alliances with other collectives, including scientists, businesses, and community organizations to monitor the uses of AI and address the ethical implications of AI.

• Promote research on the social impact of AI and make joint proposals to achieve common goals.

• Ensure the multisectoral character of CIVICAi cat, so that all areas of human activity and interactions, including services such as education, ethics, health, communication, business, government, community, science, culture and the arts, and technology, benefit from AI.

• Encourage the active participation of citizens in the organization’s activities, and implement and maintain appropriate communication channels to listen to their opinions and concerns. To this end, consultations, working groups, and activism will be promoted.


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